So Why a Living Room?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day #16: A House and a Husband!

Well, today I was mostly still in survival mode, in the aftermath of all my body's recent mortal adventures.  I told my husband I'm pretty sure that there is a direct relationship between how much patience you feel toward your children and how good you feel physically, and that today I was on the wrong side of that equation.  :)  But, the good news is, Kyle is coming to visit us tomorrow!!  Woo hoo!  We get to spend the weekend with Daddy!  That counts as joy for a whole week, right? 

So it was taking every ounce of self control I had tonight to get the boys to bed and stay patient and positive and kind.  As we lay down to sing songs I had all of us just take a few deep breaths and then I asked the boys to think about the fun things they had done today and tell me about them.  They did, and it was good to focus on those things.  After the songs were done, in the stillness of the moment, Ethan whispered,

"Mom, what were YOUR favorite fun things that you did today?" 

For the better part of the evening I hadn't been thinking I had really done ANY fun things today, so it was great to have my 5 year-old encourage me to think hard about finding the positive things about the day. I also loved how he said to me at the park today:

"Wow, Mom.  These monkey bars are tricky.  You have to be a big-year old to do them!"

And, tonight, we found, after a month of looking, a house to rent that is way nicer than what we could have imagined, and at a price that will totally work for us for the first 2 years out of school.  Kyle just went to see it tonight and took pictures and we feel great about it and we're going to do it.  Whew!!  So now we can move forward with a lot of aspects of life and start getting Ethan signed up for kindergarten and make all kinds of other plans now that we know where we'll be living.  Yay!!!!!


Dave and Stephanie said...

where's your house?