So Why a Living Room?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day #10. Best Friends and Firesides.

I talked to my best friend from high school today. We've kept in touch, but haven't been able to see each other for about 4 years--woah!  So, we just planned our weekend and she is going to come over on Saturday to hang out and then spend the night, just like old times.  I'm so excited!!! 

I've also been working today on refining the musical fireside I will be giving on Sunday to a youth group up in Layton, Utah.  Sometimes I get so annoyed with myself that I can never just do the exact same performance twice--I always have to tweak things and change them and target them to the exact audience I will have, etc.  It makes my life more complicated, but at the same time I love the new things I'm able to learn as I try to improve the program and think of new ways to teach the gospel. I'm praying that whatever I say or sing will bring the spirit so that whoever comes will be able to hear exactly what they need most to learn. 

So, I'll let you know how it goes!


Henrie Fam said...

How did your fireside go Em? I'm kind of bummed I missed it, but I was up in Canada visiting family...Hope you had a terrific time with best friend! Let me know if you do another Utah shindig! Love and hugs~