So Why a Living Room?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Simmering Song Ideas...

Okay, so if this really were my real living room I would want to brainstorm with you about the song ideas I have right now and see if some profound thing you say ends up being the perfect line for a new song. Plus, you'll probably teach me something really cool if you share something.

I'm working on a song right now called "Jericho." The point of it is that there is ALWAYS a way to get through even the hardest things. Whether you get sent a trumpet and a pair of shoes, or a slingshot and a little rock, there will always be a way to get over walls and defeat your giants. So I want to know:
What are some of the incredible things God has sent to you to make an unexpected solution to your problem? In other words, what are some of your "slingshots?" When you've looked up at what seems to be an insurmountable, looming challenge, what ended up being the thing that nailed it between the eyes?

I'm working on another song called "Savoring" (or maybe "Savoring today," or something like that)
I would love to know:
What do you savor most in life? What do you miss most about a past time of your life that you don't have right now? What do you do to help yourself live in today and not have too much focus on the past or on the future?

Well, maybe a song will be born from something you say, or maybe we'll just have a neat little uplifting discussion here in virtual livingroomdom. Either way, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to read what you say!

Love Em


Marianne Woolf said...

I know this comes months later, but I was thinking about some of the things I savor today. Perhaps these thoughts come easily because of the season of life we're in.

...a clean house, because we know that is a short lived thing with kids around! (ha ha)

...the little moments when your 7 1/2 month old figures out how to say "Da da" or can stay in the crawling position without falling for 5 seconds or enjoys looking into the mirror and smiling at the little guy looking back - so precious and so short lived!

...visits with family on the phone or in person which are a real treat when you live in a different state and don't have that opportunity often.

...taking walks in the morning and seeing Spring come to life in the flowers and trees.

...those quite moments when the Spirit touches your heart and whispers peace to your soul and truth to your heart.

...when you're walking side by side with your sweetheart and can hold each other's hands.