So Why a Living Room?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

So Why a Living Room?

Because, Living Rooms are where it all happens.

I would absolutely love to know how many hours I have spent in my parent’s living room at the grand piano—hours playing scales to that pesky metronome, hours playing duets with my sister, hours singing Broadway songs with my Dad, hours looking longingly out the window and then back to my practice timer, and hours gathered around the piano as a family practicing musical numbers or Christmas carols.

 That living room is where I wrote my first song.  And where I recorded it onto a cassette tape with a huge silver boom box.  And where I sang it for my family.  And friends.
I loved sharing songs with people I love and then just talking and talking about the meaning of life. 

There have been several times lately, where I will have someone over to practice a musical number (an accompanist, duet partner, or whoever) and after sharing great thoughts about the music and the meaning of life, we get off on various tangents, and as we lose track of time and it gets later and later, we hear a cell phone ring:
“Honey, are you still alive? Are you okay?”
“Yeah. We’re just, er…finishing up. I’ll be home soon.”
That’s what happens, I guess. You come into my living room and then you get sucked in. :)

When I’m with friends in my living room, we share music, and then we share thoughts and ideas and experiences, and sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry. Then we hug and they go home-- Well, first we stand up and keep talking for awhile. Then we get closer to the door and keep talking a little longer. Then we chat with the door open while we freeze, and keep saying we need to go to bed, but talk just a little bit more--and THEN they go home. And we feel happier for a few days because of what we learned together in my living room.

So, this is my virtual living room. Come on in and make yourself at home.
Stay for awhile and let's chat. (Actually let me just talk your ear off and never let you get a word in edgewise—but if you were actually in my real living room I promise I’d let you do half the talking!)
If you want me to play you a song, go download my album real quick and then come back and pretend that you are sitting in my living room, listening. (You can find it on itunes or Amazon)
You can ask questions, make comments, or share your ideas too! Enjoy your stay! Glad you came!