So Why a Living Room?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day #13: Post-event chatting.

So I got to present my "Best Kind of Love" fireside to a ward youth group up in Layton on Sunday.  I enjoyed getting to sing and share my thoughts about some great scriptures and bear my testimony--but my favorite part is always talking to people afterward. 

One of the first times my husband and I watched a movie together I was absolutely shocked when, after it was over, he turned off the t.v. and then got up and started brushing his teeth. 
What?  What are you doing?!?!  The whole point of watching a movie is to sit and talk about it afterward, isn't it?   Well, at least that's how it was for me growing up. 

I remember when we went to see "First Knight"  (ooooh, I LOVE that movie) in the theaters and as usual my family was the very last group out of the theater--they had turned the lights on and were sweeping up popcorn--because we were analyzing the symbolism of this and the character motivation of that and the musical significance of that... and then I remember still analyzing the movie as we all had a late-night snack and then gathering for family prayer and STILL talking about it for who knows how long.  That's funny. And I've realized since then rather rare. 

Anyway, that is my long way of saying that my favorite part of the fireside on Sunday was talking to people afterward and having them share with me THEIR insights about charity and the thoughts they have had about certain scriptures and ideas.  One guy shared a thought with me about Mormon's words at the end of Moroni 7: "and whoso is found possessed of [charity] at the last day it shall be well with him."  He told me about the distinction between possessing something and being possessed BY it and suggested that we don't come to HAVE charity, but that we learn to be possessed by Him who IS charity. 
God doesn't just exhibit loving traits--he IS love. 
And we become charitable by letting Him possess us. 
I thought that was really neat. 

So, I love the gospel.  I love the scriptures.  I love singing. I love sharing things the spirit has taught me about life.  And I love when other people share, too!  So, lots of joy.   And my kids got to learn how to play "one potato, two potato, three potato more" with Nana and Grandad while I was gone.  It doesn't get much better than that, does it??