So Why a Living Room?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day #11. Little playmates.

When Jake came home from the hospital, Ethan was indifferent.  Jake may as well have been a limp baby doll.  There were days when (somewhat influenced by those nasty post partum hormones) that I would just have a break down because I had always pictured my kids loving each other and there seemed to be no connection whatsoever.  As Jake has gotten older, things have gotten better and better, and   I love that my boys are now becoming good friends! 

This summer, away from their usual friends and structured activities, they are really learning to play together and be creative and have fun.  We set up an inflatable pool in the backyard today and let them run around through the sprinkler and splash in the pool and just be crazy.  Wasn't I just barely doing that with my own siblings?  Wow.  Today, as I watched them run and laugh together,  I had glimpses in my mind of them singing in choir together or playing on the same sports team, or going on camp-outs together, or just talking as friends years down the road.  I'm sure there will be miles of yelling and fighting and refusing to share between now and then, and even then, but it brought me joy today to see that they really do love each other. 

I may need to come back and read this post in a few days when I feel like all I did all day was referee and try to teach my children to share and take turns... :)