So Why a Living Room?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day #17, #18, #19. Not too hard to find the joy...

I started this whole 40 day joy hunt as a way to help me get through the lonely/discouraging/frustrating/hot/long days during this transition--but the last 3 days have been pretty easy... :)

Holding hands.  Being together! 
Ethan playing his first real song ever for Daddy on the piano
Ethan reading with Daddy and showing off all the new words he's learned!
A gorgeous family bike ride up in Park City
Swimming with the boys!  They both can go under water now without getting scared.

Man, little boys sure can learn a lot in 3 weeks.  It's been fun this weekend to feel the accomplishment of all the things we've been working on since Kyle can tell how much they've improved and learned.

Life is good.  The Lord rains down blessings all the time.
"My cup runneth over..."