So Why a Living Room?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day #36. Exercise!

I Dance Dance Revoluted for a good hour today.  I was sweating and breathing hard and having a blast.  Woo hoo!  And, my mom stayed with Jake at home tonight so I could swim laps while Ethan was at swim lessons.  I will admit that I was breathing embarrassingly hard after only 2 lengths, and after 4 my quads were screaming, but I kept at it for 30 minutes, and it felt good.  (And tonight, at about 10:30 I was STARVING.) 

Anyway, I'm mindful today that our bodies are an incredible gift, and I feel joy when I fill my day with things that help me take the best care of mine. 

Only 3 more days until my 40 day Joy Hunt will officially come to an end!  Just another week after that and we will move into our house and I will get to feel like we're married again! 

Look Up.  Find the Joy.