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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Worth the Wait

It's funny how my songwriting endeavors always seem to come in waves.  :)  I go for awhile without really doing anything and think, "yeah, in a past life I used to be a songwriter..." and then a wave comes and I go nuts.  Maybe that makes me a manic.  Ha.

So, my latest Living Room creation is a new song called "Worth the Wait."  One of my very best friends from high school has been trying to adopt for a long time, and will finally be welcoming a little boy into their family in August.  After going to the ultrasound with the baby's birth mom, Rachel came home wrote a letter to her future son.  This part of it was the seed of the idea for my song:

"Baby Boy, I am so happy.  I can’t believe how this experience has come together so perfectly.  God works in mysterious ways.  A year ago, I had just suffered an ectopic pregnancy after years of wanting a baby and months of fertility treatments.  Six months ago, we were in the middle of our first adoption heartbreak with a birth family stringing us along and then changing its mind.  During those dark days, there were moments when I wondered if I would ever be excited about a baby again.  Would my heart become numb and guarded?  Would I eventually lose faith that I would ever be a mother?

This year, I’ve read and re-read scripture verses about “waiting on the Lord.”  There are 47 verses that mention a variation of that phrase, and tonight, one seems especially fitting: “And therefore will the Lord wait, that he may be gracious unto you.”  (Isaiah 30:18)

God knew best.  He waited to bless us until the situation was perfect and right.  He knew that you were on your way.

The wait was worth it.

I love you, Little Man."

I love that. The wait was worth it.

I've never heard someone say, "Yeah, my husband is great, but 10 years was just too long to wait to find him."  Or, "I love my baby, but it wasn't really worth that awful pregnancy to get him here."  It's interesting how agonizing it can be to wait for whatever it is we want most--and yet when it finally comes, all of the anguish and frustration and disappointment instantly melt away and only the present is in our view.  I remember one particular day in my pregnancy with Jake, when I was just so miserable and so tired and dreading one more 2 hour fetal monitoring appointment and I called my mom on the way to the doctor.  While she was sympathetic to my pain, I will never forget what she said to me. 

"Emily, nothing that I had to do to get you guys here even hits the charts compared with the joy that has come from having all of you in my life.  It doesn't even hit the charts."  I've always remembered that.  And even as early as 5 minutes after Jake was born, I felt the reality of that.  None of the pain even hits the charts. The joy just crowds it all out. :)

Experiences like that give us a glimpse into how, no matter what we suffer in this life, no matter what awful things we see or experience, someday the Savior really will make it right.

Revelation 21:4
"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away."

To be in His presence will fill us with such joy, that all the suffering and pain and discouragement of the past will melt away.  Very very cool. 

Okay, so here's the song!

Worth the Wait

Counting all the tries
Wondering just how many times it’s gonna take
And thinking…that this better be…
 Worth the Wait

Dreaming…Finally Finding
Counting down the weeks
Wishing somehow I could speed      up all these days
And hoping…that it’ll be…
        Worth the Wait

After all the hours that seemed like days and all the days that seemed like years
Well time will tell and time will heal and time has finally brought you here…

Holding…Feel like flying
We made it all the way
And now tomorrow is today, it finally came
And now I’m knowing…it was totally…
Worth the Wait

After all the hours that seemed like days and all the days that seemed like years
Well time will tell and time will heal and time has finally brought you here…

Lovin’ You  
Is my wildest wait come true
And I’d do it all all over
Cuz baby you know you were…
Worth the wait

You were worth the wait

So maybe my next song will be called,
"Doesn't even hit the charts." 
Sounds like a real winner, huh?


Rachel said...

This is so beautiful, Em. Thank you so much. I can't believe you wrote a song inspired by my experience--I am so honored and touched. You are so talented and such a true friend. I can't wait to share this on my own blog.

Melody said...

I love this, Em. So beautiful and truly inspired.

Melissa said...

So amazing! I needed to hear that song tonight. I'm not waiting for too much right now but a few things so it'll be with the worth the wait when things happen.
Thanks so much! You are so great!

Rachel said...

Been having a tough couple of days. Listening to this song again helped. The lyrics are perfect. Thank you, Em.

janine said...

Gorgeous Emily....and congrats to Rachel!!! Lucky boy to come to your home!

Jessica said...

Beautiful song and beautiful voice! You are amazing Em! So happy for the Nielsons!

Rachel said...

This is so lovely! I hope you make it available for purchase sometime. I actually linked up to it in a post I did on my blog here. Thank you!

A Little Time, A Little Miracle

Rebecca said...

Hi I just stumbnled across your blog - loved listening to your Each life version - i love the hymns and all music - stirred my soul thankyou -