So Why a Living Room?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Do You Have Room?

Tonight, I got to sing a neat song called "Do You Have Room?" as part of a church Christmas program with storytelling and music.  My song came right after a story about a little boy named Wally who played the part of the innkeeper in a Christmas pageant, and when the night of the performance came, after he turned Mary and Joseph away, he couldn't bear to see them walk away so he shouted, "Wait!! Don't go!" and said, "You can have my room."   And then I sang about having room for the Savior and choosing to be humble as a shepherd boy and wise as men of old and come and seek the light the way they did.

Great video of a great song, written by Shawna Edwards!  (not me singing, but the same song I sang tonight)

I really do love to sing.
I love the things I learn when I memorize and internalize a meaningful song, and its message simmers in my spiritual crock pot for the weeks before the performance.
I love the tangible connection I feel with the listeners, as we experience the song together and I try to transfer the meaning from my heart to theirs.
I love when I can see people cry, or nod, or smile, as the music lifts them.
I love the way I can shake hands with a stranger after a performance and feel like we are friends because of what we shared during the song. 
I love the way I feel the power of God working through me as I sing and testify of His Truth.

So in this season of giving thanks and giving gifts, I am thankful for the gift of music!

 And thankful that we got to go to California, and that we got our tree up and did a million other things over the last few days since we got home.  Unpacking, though?  Um, maybe I will do that tomorrow.  :)   I've been saying that for a few days now...