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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Scriptural Conversation Hearts

When I was in college, a friend in choir asked me on February 13th (partly kidding):
"So, are you going to dress in all black tomorrow for Single Awareness Day?"

I whipped around with a look of disbelief, and replied:
"No, I am not.  I'm going to wear as much red and pink as I possibly can, and walk around giving out chocolates and valentines to everyone I see. WHY DO PEOPLE THINK VALENTINE'S DAY IS ONLY CELEBRAT-ABLE IF YOU'RE DATING SOMEONE?!?!  Ugh."

He thought my response was endearing, and decided to join me in my craziness.  We raided Wal-Mart and each bought a "love bucket" to carry around our Back Street Boys Valentine's and chocolate hearts and pass them out to whoever we saw. We covered the chocolate hearts with foil and wrote on them with a red sharpie so that instead of "Be Mine,"  "Call Me," or "4 Ever," our hearts said "Suffereth Long,"  "Is Not Easily Provoked," and "Seeketh Not Her Own."  Oh, that was such a fun day.

I've toned down a bit since then (either I've gotten more mature or I've just become a fud, I'm not sure which), but I still really feel like Valentine's Day can be about a lot more than romantic love.

So, as you consider what to "give" the people you love for Valentine's Day (or any other day!) don't forget about the gift of true, Christ-like love. 

Here are a few thoughts:

Give someone the gift of "suffering long" with them.  Rather than being impatient, critical, or silent, choose to be supportive and understanding, not just with your words but with your THOUGHTS.

You can give the gift of not being easily provoked.  Rather than arguing over every little thing, keeping a tally of tit for tat, or getting defensive about things, choose to be calm, respectful, and gentle.

You can give the gift of being someone who "believeth all things."  I feel so great around people who believe in me, who believe in miracles, who believe in something bigger than themselves, and who believe in the power of love.  I view it as a gift they give to me when they choose to approach life in this way.

Well, I personally would choose these gifts things over chocolate or flowers any day. :)  You?

There's plenty more where that came from!  Here's an article I read in 2000 that has a really cool chart that details out each attribute of charity and ways that you can live each one, as well as obvious and not so obvious ways that we can know we're NOT living them.  I have a photocopy of the original article and I review the chart every few months just to see how I'm doing at learning to love the way God loves.
 Agency and Love in Marriage

Wouldn't it be awesome if conversation hearts really said, "Suffereth Long?" 
Well, if I ever decide to market scriptural conversation hearts (ha!) I will probably leave out, "Is Not Puffed Up."  I don't think girls would like to read that as they pop sugar into their mouths...


Andrea said...

I love this blog, Em. You have such great insights. I totally agree with you about the Valentine's day/only romantic love thing. That has always driven me crazy. Love is not just for couples! In fact, our entire lives are about learning to love God, others and ourselves. Romantic love is just one small dimension of the huge thing that is love (love isn't really a 'thing'. What is it then?)

Love the scriptural conversation hearts idea!