So Why a Living Room?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When joy comes out your eyes.

Okay, confession.

I cry in the car when I listen to music.  I do.
Sometimes I cry because the song is sad.
Sometimes I cry because the song is so beautiful.
Sometimes I cry because the song is so AWESOME.

Basically, when I hear truth, it resonates with my soul, and it comes out my eyes.  :)

Today, I cried while listening to "100 Sing-Along Songs for Kids." 

Yep, true story.  But don't worry, it wasn't "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," or "BINGO," it was a jazzy little Christian song called "I Shall Not Be Moved."

Rockin' out a little, and watching my boys in the rearview mirror, as they focused rather intently on learning the words and being able to sing them just right, it hit me:

"What if they really could learn this?  This is what I want for them.  And they're singing it right now!!"

When my burden's heavy, I shall not be moved.  When my burden's heavy I shall not be moved...
If my friends forsake me, I shall not be moved.  When my friends forsake me I shall not be moved...
Just like the tree planted by the water, I shall not be moved.

I thought, "Yeah, I wanna be like that tree planted by the water!  And I want my boys to be like it too!  And man, what would the world be like if every one of us decided to ground ourselves in truth and not be moved, no matter what?!"

And those thoughts, combined with the rearview mirror snapshot of little legs and heads bopping, well it tugged at my heart and the whole thing came out my eyes.  And I felt joy.   :)

Here's a link to the sample of the song if you want to hear it...
Let me know if it makes you cry. Ha ha.


Elaine said...

Well, I didn't cry, but I am certain it's because I didn't have the rear view mirror part. Nice post, thank you for sharing.