So Why a Living Room?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wanna hear a new song?

You know what?  I think this might actually work!  I just discovered, which allows me to upload music onto their site and then post my audio files onto my blog so you can click on them and hear songs!

Honestly I think "muziboo" is sort of a lame name, but since it does such a cool thing I will forgive them.  :)

The chose to call this place "Em's Living Room" because I want it to be a place where I can play songs for you and have you sit and enjoy them--and have it feel like I'm just sitting at my piano singing and you're just sitting on my couch listening.  Let's see if it feels like that.  :)

So here is my newest song!  It's called "More."

A week or so ago my husband and I spoke and sang together at a conference about home and visiting teaching.  (This is a program in our church designed to help us minister to each other, by assigning each member to care for a few other members by visiting them in their homes each month and trying to find ways during the month to be helpful.) 

My dear friend Jane Gray wrote up some of her thoughts about this subject, and I used many of her ideas to write this song. Normally I wouldn't use the word "casserole" in a song, but this was written for a very specific event and audience, and it just worked.  Enjoy!

More than a name
More than a number
More than a visit, More than a report
More than a lesson or a call
More than a casserole
Or a little note
His Love is more…

More Simple
More Important
More Lasting, and everyday more True
More Still, More Divine
            So much more Beautiful
            More Wonderful
His Love is more…

Endless, Matchless, Priceless, Boundless

More Trusting
More Knowing
More Smiling More Feeling, More Finding
More Joy, More Hope, More Peace, making everything
            More Beautiful
            More Wonderful
His Love is more…


Brooke said...

It's beautiful Em. Thanks so much for sharing. I always love hearing you sing your new songs mainly also because the messages of the songs are always so uplifting. You're great.

Carla said...

Beautiful song, Em!

Henrie Fam said...

Em, you're inspiring! I keep getting songs started in my head and I've had a hard time finishing one in a long time. And thumbs up to Muziboo too!!! You are awesome! Keep writing and singing girl~Have a "more" beautiful day!!

Kuya said...

I love hanging out in your Living Room and your head. You're capturing some amazing ideas, melodies and adventures on this blog. Love it.