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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Mother's Beatitudes.

I love this. I love that my Mom has been in town visiting this week, and that she is this kind of mother. I love that my Grandma is the one who printed this out for me years ago, and that she is this kind of mother. I love my boys and hope I can be this kind of mother too.

A Mother's Beatitudes
by Leonora Zearfoss

Blessed is the mother who understands her child, for she shall inherit a kingdom of memories.
Blessed is the mother who knows how to comfort, for she shall possess a child's devotion.
Blessed is the mother who guides by the path of righteousness, for she shall be proud of her offspring.
Blessed is the mother who is never shocked, for she shall receive confidences.
Blessed is the mother who teaches respect, for she shall be respected.
Blessed is the mother who emphasizes the good and minimizes the bad, for in like manner the child himself shall make evaluations. 

Blessed is the mother who treats her child as she would be treated, for her home shall be filled with happiness.
Blessed is the mother who answers simply the startling questions, for she shall always be trusted.
Blessed is the mother who has character strong enough to withstand the thoughtless remarks and resentments of the growing child, for, in due time, she shall be honored.

Very true.
So, I think I'm going to try extra hard  this week or even this month to emphasize the good and minimize the bad, all around me.  And to comfort.  Really comfort my children and other people when they need a boost.

And let's talk more about what it means to be "blessed."  Thoughts?  I'll tell you mine soon...


Bennetts said...

Em, well I found the link to your music from Kim's blog. Really, really exciting. Anyways, what does it mean to be blessed? For me it is the fact that I get to stay home with my second baby, instead of working full-time. That my husband is working, even if we barely make ends meat. That I get to further my education in pursuit of a teaching career. That the Lord walks with me, eventhrough the toughest times I've ever known. That I get to try again and again to become a better person/mom. It sounds like things are going well for you, feel free to check my blog - - it's crazy that it has been 7/8 years since we roomed in college.
-Selina Jones Bennett